Writing Bagpipe Tunes

Having a new piece of music written for a special occasion is a truly unique and personal gift that can be treasured forever
A newly written piece of music is a perfect gift for a special occasion like a retirement, birthday, wedding, christening, or anniversary.

For all special occasions:

Are you looking for a unique, personal gift for a loved one or friend?  Stuck wondering what to get?

Read on – I really think this could be what you are looking for!

A commissioned tune is the perfect way to celebrate and mark a significant event or occasion, like:-
  • A BIRTH;

Give the gift of music

With the emotion that music can convey and evoke, a new tune is the perfect way to help celebrate a special occasion or important milestone in life.

The perfect gift for the special occasions in life

Commissioning a piece of new music to be written for someone is a really thoughtful and meaningful way to mark a significant occasion.

I write each piece of music with the recipient and the occasion that is being celebrated in mind.

In addition, with options to have the commissioned tune written out or professionally recorded as an arrangement, it is a gift that can be treasured forever.
A framed version of one of Alistair Brown's commissioned pieces of music.

Working with you to create a unique and personal piece of music that will be treasured forever.

Recent Recordings...

Here is a playlist of some of my recent original bagpipe tunes, which have resulted from commission projects.

Offering you flexibility to create your perfect gift

Giving the gift of music is about creating something truly unique for someone; a gift they won’t find anywhere else. Having a new tune written especially for them offers just that.

However, there are also additional gift options which can make your gift even more unique.  For example, I can write the tune out by hand as notated sheet music.  This makes a really lovely First Wedding Anniversary (‘paper’) gift, but it is a beautiful physical present fitting to mark any special occasion.

Perhaps you would like to have a full arrangement of the tune recorded, to present to your loved one or couple?  Not a problem, I can provide that for you too. If you’re interested, you can listen to some of my recent recordings and arrangements.

“Alistair was absolutely first class through every stage of the tune writing process. We got to make lots of choices to completely personalise our tune and Alistair advised with his expertise along the way!

Our tune is beautiful and brought lots of happy tears at our wedding. So chuffed to also have the sheet music framed in our room. Would highly recommend!”

Tune Commissions: Packages

With this in mind, I offer four different packages as standard to provide you complete flexibility that will help make your gift even more bespoke.  Four packages named after four Scottish cities: Perth, Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The packages are shown below.

While I hope these will provide what you are looking for, if you have something in mind that is not included in one of the packages please get in touch with me and we’ll find a way to bring your idea to life.


'The Fair City'

  • I will liaise with you to find out about the person and occasion you would like me to write for;
  • I will write a new two-part bagpipe tune, in the style of your choice (March, Strathspey, Reel, Jig, Waltz, Air);
  • The newly written tune will be professionally recorded as a bagpipe solo and sent to you by email in .mp3 and .wav formats. 

Price:  £200.00


'The Capital of the Highlands'

  • Everything from the Perth Package, plus:
  • I will notate the sheet music for the newly composed tune by hand, and provide you with a signed .pdf document ready for printing and framing.
  • If you would like a special message to be included, let me know and this can be included on the document.   

Price:  £250.00


'Dear Green Place'

  • Everything from the Perth Package, plus:
  • In addition to the bagpipe solo recording, I will write a full instrumental arrangement, typically between 2 and 3 minutes in length. 
  • The line up of instruments can vary depending on the style of tune and any requirements you have. Price shown below is for a band of up to 6 pieces.
  • The tune arrangement will be professionally recorded and mixed, and sent to you by email in .mp3 and .wav formats.

Price from:  £300.00


'Auld Reekie'

  • This is the all inclusive package. It includes everything from the:
  • Perth Package.
  • Inverness Package.
  • Glasgow Package.

Price from:  £325.00

How to order





Alistair Brown in his home studio where he writes his music

Commissioning me to write a new bagpipe tune is easy

Contact me either by email or through my social channels and let me know who the tune will be for, what the special occasion is and when it is. It really helps to know a little about the person I am writing for, so is there an interesting fact or two about them you can pass on?

I will start a discussion with you and we will agree what it is you are looking for, when it is to be finished, and a project price. If I am able to take on your commission then at the end of this stage, I will send you an invoice for a £50 deposit, which is payable in advance.

Once your payment has been received, I will start work on your commission in line with the scope we have agreed and timescales.  I will keep in touch with you throughout so you are up to date with progress.

I will let you know when my work is finished and ready to be sent to you. At this time, I will invoice you for the remaining balance of the price we agreed. Upon receiving your payment in full, I will send you my work in the formats agreed. That is to say, I will send all the recordings and documents as agreed between us at the outset. These will then be ready for you to gift to your relative or friend.

See, I said it was nice and easy!  So, will we get started?

Alistair Brown in his home studio where he writes his music
Alistair Brown playing bagpipes and wearing lamont kilt at Greenan Shore in Ayr, Ayrshire 3